Season League FA Cup Total
Grand Total 252 25 277
1945-1946 0 4 4
1946-1947 33 6 39
1947-1948 37 2 39
1948-1949 36 4 40
1949-1950 23 5 28
1950-1951 41 1 42
1951-1952 37 3 40
1952-1953 26 0 26
1953-1954 19 0 19

Split by opponents

Games Team
16 Bolton Wanderers
15 Manchester United
14 Derby
13 Middlesbrough
12 Sunderland
12 Chelsea
12 Blackpool
12 Burnley
11 Aston Villa
11 Charlton Athletic
11 Stoke City
11 Wolves
10 Huddersfield Town
10 Newcastle United
10 Arsenal
10 WBA
10 Everton
9 Manchester City
9 Portsmouth
8 Preston North End
7 Sheffield United
5 Blackburn Rovers
5 Birmingham City
5 Sheffield Wednesday
5 Grimsby Town
4 Tottenham
4 Fulham
3 Nottingham Forest
2 Cardiff City
2 Brentford
2 Chester City
1 Workington
1 Notts County
1 Exeter City
1 Stockport County
1 Walsall
1 Leeds United
1 Norwich City

Sir Bob quote

"It was 1977 and Liverpool had reached their first European Cup Final. I was working for the BBC and had this idea of filming the mass Liverpudlian exodus to Rome. In his own words Bob thought it 'was a bloody good idea'. I then expanded and explained how the BBC was forking out £3,000 worth of expenditure on the project and in return it would be good if we could film in the dressing room. 'There's no problem with that,' was his reply. My only problem now was the Italian FA, who refused me entry into the stadium. 'Just leave it to me,' said Bob. 'Kevin Keegan can carry the cameras, Emlyn Hughes the lights and Phil Neal whatever else. You put on a tracksuit and wear the number 14 shirt underneath.'

So off we went on the team coach to the Olympic Stadium and into the marble floored dressing room. It was not long though before the Italian officials began to smell a rat and so to put them off the scent Bob ordered me to take a walk around the pitch with the rest of the players and wave to the fans! When the time arrived for the team to walk out I followed them in single file out of the tunnel and onto the pitch. I then took my place alongside Bob, Ronnie Moran and the Liverpool subs on the bench, having to pinch myself that this was really happening. Watching such a momentous match as that from the touchline next to Bob was an unbelievable experience."

Stuart Hall - esteemed TV and radio journalist

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