Season League FA Cup Total
Grand Total 252 25 277
1945-1946 0 4 4
1946-1947 33 6 39
1947-1948 37 2 39
1948-1949 36 4 40
1949-1950 23 5 28
1950-1951 41 1 42
1951-1952 37 3 40
1952-1953 26 0 26
1953-1954 19 0 19

Split by opponents

Games Team
16 Bolton Wanderers
15 Manchester United
14 Derby
13 Middlesbrough
12 Sunderland
12 Chelsea
12 Blackpool
12 Burnley
11 Aston Villa
11 Charlton Athletic
11 Stoke City
11 Wolves
10 Huddersfield Town
10 Newcastle United
10 Arsenal
10 WBA
10 Everton
9 Manchester City
9 Portsmouth
8 Preston North End
7 Sheffield United
5 Blackburn Rovers
5 Birmingham City
5 Sheffield Wednesday
5 Grimsby Town
4 Tottenham
4 Fulham
3 Nottingham Forest
2 Cardiff City
2 Brentford
2 Chester City
1 Workington
1 Notts County
1 Exeter City
1 Stockport County
1 Walsall
1 Leeds United
1 Norwich City

Sir Bob quote

"In Israel just before the European Cup final, we’d been playing fizzbuzz, one of those drinking games. There was Alan Hansen, Kenny, Bruce Grobbelaar, Stevie Nicol, myself, Ronnie Whelan, Ian Rush, Sammy Lee, all drinking in the square in Tel Aviv. Things got said and a fight started. Me and Rushie were quite close so it’s us back to back against everybody else. Somehow it calmed down and I went to the hotel with Rushie and Alan Kennedy, who fell on the ground and couldn’t get up. The old Liverpool director Mr Moss was coming out of the hotel just at that moment. So I’ve got down to pick up Alan Kennedy and I couldn’t get up either. And Mr Moss is stood above us frowning. He says: ‘Gentlemen, this is Liverpool Football Club.’ So I grabbed hold of his trousers and pulled myself up his body. And I put my arm around him and said: ‘Mossy, you old bugger, you might be a director but I think you’re a great fella.’

After breakfast the next morning, they call this big meeting upstairs and around the table there’s Bob, Joe Fagan, Moran, Evo and Mr Moss, who stands up. ‘I’ve been at this club for over 20 years and I’ve never witnessed anything like last night in my life. I’ve had many accolades passed on to me, but never have I received one so touching than from David Hodgson.’ Then they lift the tablecloth and underneath it’s piled high with beer!’ After that meeting, Bob Paisley turned to me and said: ‘You’re a good Geordie, son. That’s what you are.’"

David Hodgson

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