Season League FA Cup Total
Grand Total 10 3 13
1945-1946 0 0 0
1946-1947 0 0 0
1947-1948 1 0 1
1948-1949 1 1 2
1949-1950 1 1 2
1950-1951 1 0 1
1951-1952 2 1 3
1952-1953 2 0 2
1953-1954 2 0 2

Split by opponents

Games Team
2 Portsmouth
2 Wolves
1 Sheffield Wednesday
1 Stoke City
1 Sunderland
1 Aston Villa
1 Newcastle United
1 Nottingham Forest
1 Everton

Sir Bob quote

"Loved the man to bits - was simply THE best manager I have ever seen. I remember being taken to the FA Cup 3rd round at Stamford Bridge back in 1982, I was 11yrs old. Walking to the stand where we were sitting, I remember my mates dad (Frank) saying "Look who's coming, it's the Great Man himself". I looked up and scanned the area for a matter of seconds. Then, I knew who he meant - Bob Paisley was walking directly towards us and there I was, draped in red and white round my neck and on top of my head. Frank, who was 'known' in the football world, held out his hand to Bob and we stood there for about 3 minutes chatting with the Great Man. I remember to this day, the warm, smooth, gigantic hand that smothered mine as we finally shook hands. I didn't speak a word until I was spoken to....he asked if I was looking forward to the match and make sure I had a good one! A gentle 'scruff' on the head and we parted company...me looking round at who we had just met! I was beaming from ear to ear and could have gone home there and then.
The result in the end, 2-0 to Chelsea, didn't really matter....I'd met the Great Man himself."

-El Phes- (a member of RAWK forum)

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