Season League FA Cup Total
Grand Total 10 3 13
1945-1946 0 0 0
1946-1947 0 0 0
1947-1948 1 0 1
1948-1949 1 1 2
1949-1950 1 1 2
1950-1951 1 0 1
1951-1952 2 1 3
1952-1953 2 0 2
1953-1954 2 0 2

Split by opponents

Games Team
2 Portsmouth
2 Wolves
1 Sheffield Wednesday
1 Stoke City
1 Sunderland
1 Aston Villa
1 Newcastle United
1 Nottingham Forest
1 Everton

Sir Bob quote

"I was to learn that praise from Bob Paisley was rather like a snowstorm in the Sahara. He may have been regarded as a fatherly figure by the supporters but, let me tell you, he ruled at Anfield with a rod of iron. You could tell when he was about by the changed atmosphere in the dressing rooms and training ground. He was a commanding man and there were few who dared mess around with him. If we looked as though we were becoming a little complacent or if we were not performing up to the standard Bob would say, ‘If you have all had enough of winning, come and see me and I will sell the lot of you and buy 11 new players.

Another time he warned: ‘I am only a modest Geordie but get me cornered and I am a mean bastard’. But it would be wrong to give the impression that we all walked around in fear and trepidation. He always kept a velvet glove on."

Souness on Paisley

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