Goals he scored in 1951-1952

Min. Opponent Date Venue Competition Match Report
5' Wolves 02 February Anfield FA Cup View report
63' WBA 15 March The Hawthorns League View report
? Stoke City 05 April Anfield League View report

Sir Bob quote

"As a former headmaster I thought I was pretty hot at weighing up people and situations. But you have to be quick and alert to keep up with this fellow ! I've watched many matches with him not involving Liverpool and very little escapes him. When a goal's scored he'll have the complete move analysed in a flash and he'll often emphasise the contribution of players running off the ball who were not directly involved. You might not even have been fully aware of them yourself.

Every scrap of information is stored in his memory. He astounds me by recalling detailed incidents of matches we saw a long time ago. He's not given to idle chatter, and after we've watched a match together, often he'll hardly say a word for long periods on the journey home. That's probably when he's concentrating and reflecting on what he's seen at the game, which he can instantly recall."

Tom Saunders, former Liverpool youth development officer

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