Goals he scored in 1953-1954

Min. Opponent Date Venue Competition Match Report
30' Sheffield Wednesday 03 October Anfield League View report
72' Aston Villa 10 October Anfield League View report

Sir Bob quote

"Ruthless winner disguised by the wooly cardie and slippers of humility. And that's one of the things I miss nowadays mate, the dignity and humility of them auld fellas. I'm not just giving it the, ohh the good old days bit. There's really none of them people left, who'd seen proper hardships and rose above them. And at times, I honestly hate this, I want it and I want it now age that we live in. Bob Paisley, as was Shankly, was a symbol of an age and people that have sadly gone."

-Fat Scouser- (a member of RAWK forum)

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