Wartime appearances & goals

Season Appearances Goals
Grand Total 58 12
1939-1940 7 0
1940-1941 27 10
1945-1946 24 2

Sir Bob quote

"Sometimes it would be even seven or eight-a-side, it just depended on any particular day but I always used to get picked to be on their side. Bob would be in goal. He would put the gloves on and he used to love diving about double-handedly punching every ball that came his way. Shanks played at the back, directing things and you would have Reuben, Ronnie and Joe in there as well. They had me in to do all the running about as I was the only kid at the time. They were proper games, though. There was little holding back."

Jimmy Case remembers the five-a-sides at Melwood

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