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Here we want to give us your views of Bob Paisley and we will publish them at our site. What we are looking for is in tune with these tributes from Liverpool fans.

In terms of accomplishments on the pitch he was the best manager weve ever had. He gave this club some of its best ever moments, some of its best ever players and was at the club 40 odd years. The man is the definition of Liverpool Legend.

Fallon from

Shanks was the progenitor of the "Liverpool way" and Sir Bob enabled it to evolve in a wonderful way. We were an example to all clubs as to how things should be done. One of my favourite aspects of the Liverpool Way was the way in which we dealt with the rare defeats along the way. Unlike modern day managers/players our Managers and Players never made excuses injuries, bad refereeing, poor pitch etc and always made a point of complimenting the opposition. I remember Sir Bob in particular on many occasions being offered the chance to blame various injuries or a mud-caked pitch (usually Derbys) for a defeat but he always rejected these arguments in favour of us losing because the opposition played better than us - The Liverpool Way.

Pesam from

People often equate the Liverpool way with a style of management. Not washing dirty linen in public. Having respect for other clubs. No nonsense approach to the game, modesty and doing talking on the pitch. That characterised Paisleys era, and I think became the model for many peoples understanding of the Liverpool way.

doctor_mac from

Pure legend. 3 European Cups in 5 seasons. Not to mention the UEFA Cup the year before we won our first European Cup. The only manager in history to win 3 European Cups. Greatest manager of all time.

Kinkz from

The things that stand out for me are that he took over from the living legend that was Bill Shankly and managed to stamp his own authority on the club and that he also won three European Cups in seven seasons...which is the best return by any manager in this land by a very long way.

Olivavu from

An absolute hero. The Liverpool manager when I was growing up and so will always be special to me. I would not say he was under-rated, as anyone who knows football appreciates his achievements, but he doesnt get the profile he deserves due to other managers who had bigger personalities or bigger publicity machines behind them, which is a shame.

"otottottfn" from RAWK

The greatest manager the world has ever seen. Bob loved Liverpool and we love him.

"Carras Left Foot" from RAWK

He was the greatest manager this country has ever seen and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

"barneyrubble" from RAWK

an absolute legend and should have his own statue at anfield like the great bill shankly.

"gadair" from RAWK

The most shamefully underrated manager in the history of the game.

"redpuma" from RAWK

The best ever. His teams used to destroy all before them as I grew up, and I went everywhere with Liverpool. A proper gentleman, great servant to the club, and epitomises the Liverpool Way.

"PageMossScrapper" from RAWK

Greatest English manager of all time and the shrewdest transfer dealer in British Football history. The guy was a genius.. LFC having him and Shanks together was little short of a gift from the footballing gods.. He would have been a great manager in any era and his footballing brain has never been bettered.

"donniebrasco" from RAWK

Great Manager If you ask me he is still the most successful manager to grace English football since the war to win what he did in 9 years is just Amazing, most people would have crumbled with taking on a team from a manger who was so well respected and successful but to win even more and take the team even further is just so exceptional.

"LFC4life" from RAWK

Words are not nearly enough to describe his achievements and character. An unassuming legend. If Shanks was the genius visionary, the Da Vinci of LFC, then Sir Bob was the inspirational sculptor, the Michelangelo.

"Rossi per sempre" from RAWK

Love reading the recollections posted of Uncle Bob. His achievement was the greatest just for what it was. But the context in which he did it, as the man who had to escape from the shadow of the most charsimatic, messianic figure English football has ever known, Bill Shankly, just makes what he did all the greater, all the more unbelievable in many ways. I have always thought that Shanks was like Jesus and Bob was like St Paul, who built the church and spread the gospel.

"Stussy" from RAWK

Bob Paisley carried on where the great Bill Shankly left off, putting his own stamp on the team and leading this great club to unprecedented success. We owe so much of what is great about Liverpool Football Club to these two decent, honest and inspirational men.

"Davies9" from RAWK

Shankly set the foundations. Paisley built the bastion of invincibility. Simple as.

"Gazzalfc" from RAWK

Wasnt even born when he was managing Liverpool. The stories my dad told me about him and his team are just amasing. One word - LEGEND

"Scousejon" from RAWK

have the greatest respect for Bob. astute manager, perfect gentleman, and a saddening end to his last few years. ps: id love a statue of him when we get that new stadium..

"conman" from RAWK

3 european cups (only manager ever to achieve this) and 6 league titles in 9 years at a time when english teams were dominating europe says it all. The greatest european club manager of all time!

"DangerScouse" from RAWK

He was fucking sound, wasnt he mate. Ruthless winner disguised by the wooly cardie and slippers of humility. And thats one of the things I miss nowadays mate, the dignity and humility of them auld fellas. Im not just giving it the, ohh the good old days bit. Theres really none of them people left, whod seen proper hardships and rose above them. And at times, I honestly hate this, I want it and I want it now age that we live in. Bob Paisley, as was Shankly, was a symbol of an age and people that have sadly gone.

"Fat Scouser" from RAWK

He embodied everything I love about this club: greatness and dignity. I knew, even as a six-year-old, watching his team in 76-77, that he was a decent man. You could just tell. And the way he got the boys to play as a team, and kept his own counsel, and won with humility, and lost with class. The best ever.

"That Kennedy Moment" from RAWK

Loved the man to bits - was simply THE best manager I have ever seen. I remember being taken to the FA Cup 3rd round at Stamford Bridge back in 1982, I was 11yrs old. Walking to the stand where we were sitting, I remember my mates dad (Frank) saying "Look whos coming, its the Great Man himself". I looked up and scanned the area for a matter of seconds. Then, I knew who he meant - Bob Paisley was walking directly towards us and there I was, draped in red and white round my neck and on top of my head. Frank, who was known in the football world, held out his hand to Bob and we stood there for about 3 minutes chatting with the Great Man. I remember to this day, the warm, smooth, gigantic hand that smothered mine as we finally shook hands. I didnt speak a word until I was spoken to....he asked if I was looking forward to the match and make sure I had a good one! A gentle scruff on the head and we parted looking round at who we had just met! I was beaming from ear to ear and could have gone home there and then. The result in the end, 2-0 to Chelsea, didnt really matter....Id met the Great Man himself.

"El Phes" from RAWK

A Scouse mate of mine whos a GP in New Zealand called into Anfield one summer. He told the receptionist he was on a flying visit to his parents in Liverpool and asked if it might be possible to see inside the stadium. She picked up the phone, passing on this request to the person at the other end of the line. Seconds later, Bob Paisley came into the Main Stand foyer, greeted my mate like an old friend and gave him a guided tour of the ground. This was the manager of the European champions going to the trouble of welcoming a complete stranger. What a man. Yet after all Bobs achievements, especially his three European Cups, which no one has equalled, he wasnt worthy of a knighthood. Well, if he wasnt, then Im damn sure no one else deserved it.

"Frisbydyke" from RAWK

I met him when I was a kid, I was suffering with Glandular fever and had been off school for ages. As I recovered my mum took me to Anfield to get a load of autographs of the players. Bob pulled up in his brown Rover 3500. As he got out I walked up and politely asked him if he would sign my book. He looked at me and asked why I wasnt in school. (he did sign the book and I still have it) He was a great man, a humble man. In my opinion the greatest manager ever. I cant see why the club cannot build a statue of him. Its not as if the fans wouldnt contribute.

Dave Usher - The Liverpool Way

In the very early sixties Bob Paisley trained us (Unit Const. Co.) twice a week at our Speke Football Ground. He said to me once “Son, if a man is going past you and maybe score then kick his bloody legs from under him”. I will never, ever, forget that night.

Tom Elliott

For me Bob was the best manager of all time. His record speaks for itself. I have been a life-long follower of Liverpool, and am probably a bit biased! I do get slightly cheesed off with the idea that the current manager of Salford plc is not only his equal, but better! Shanks was in a different category, having rebuilt Liverpool and putting into place a winning philosophy and infrastructure which forms the basis of the "Liverpool ethic", and from which future success would flow.

Michael Phillips

Im always amused how little people appreciate just how revolutionary a management Bob Paisley was! To dispense with the old fashioned centre-half (a position that had dominated Enlish defending for 40 years), to build his central defensive partnerships around two wing-halves (Thompson, smith, Hughes, Lawrenson, Hansen), and to have entrusted the mid-field screening job to a passer of the ball like Souness was a mastersroke! It is a sad loss to the game that Bob didnt reveal his thoughts on the game to all and sundry. If only this man had been more vocal, he would have set in train a tactical revolution that would still influence the English game today! At a time when the English national side couldnt punch its weight internationally, and English self-esteem was at its lowest ebb, Bob Paisley managed to win three European Cups! Thats greatness!

Phil Ritson

Whenever anyone ever starts on about just how good any manager is or was, I always get slightly frustrated, then I realise it doesn’t really matter too much. Because I know the truth. I watched it happen. As someone who isn’t a scouser, was never really a fan of Liverpool as a kid, even when Shankly was about. What I saw, unfolding right before my eyes, so that even I could grasp was the sight of someone moulding and forming the best set of teams ever to grace the game. He altered all of it from the way the players physically became slimmer and lither than the past, to their astounding fitness levels, to the tactics he employed. I’ve seen the lot in my time: all the great teams all the great players. All of them. And not one manager could make great team after great team like Bob Paisley could. Look at his record. So let others go on about Sir Alex and everyone else they want to hold up as an example. It doesn’t really matter. Because like the jockey who rode the amazing Secretariat said once, ‘Personally, I never get involved when people start talking about greatness. Because none of them who ever talk about it, ever rode this horse. I did. I know‘ And that’s how I feel still. I’m nearly 60 now and I’m not likely to see a football manager again who could hold a candle to Bob Paisley. Let others yak on and talk. I know he was the best I’ll ever see in my life. I know.

Chris Hayes

One of my fondest Bob moments was around 1978ish. I was in the queue for tickets at the old ticket office near the players entrance. While waiting, the players were arriving for morning training. SIR Bob then arrived in his silver and black Ford Granada. He got out of his car and he had his overcoat on and his trademark flat cap. But the thing that sticks in my mind was Bob had a tupperware butty box under his arm! At the time obviously we were Champions of europe, and that moment will live we me forever. It just sums up the great man i think. SIR BOB PAISLEY WE SALUTE YOU

The Red artist from RAWK

The man is a true legend, what he did for Liverpool will never be repeated and most of all never forgotten. God bless mr Liverpool, Bob.


I grew up with the Liverpool of the late 70s/early 80s and Bob Paisley was an inspiration to me with his humbleness, his knowledge, his simplicity of thought (common sense) and of course his team. Even now in my 40s he is still inspirational - the company I own have just won a big contract and there is a buzz BUT my two immediate thoughts are... weve won it as a company (team) not by an individual(s)(one or two are letting it be known how important their role was), and to concentrate on what we need to win next! And for that I sincerely thank Mr Paisley - a great manager and great human being.

Ian Cottam

Bob was a genius who achieved more in 9 years than other managers(considered the "greatest" by the ill informed)have in 23 years. He rarely made mistakes in the transfer market or craved attention and praise, unlike others who were knighted while not being fit to lace up Bobs famous slippers. He was the Greatest.

Seamus Long

A legend for the team and the fans. Always, had a watchful eye to hopeful youth players and quietly giving encouragement.

John Proffitt

I became a Liverpool fan in 1973 thanks to Mr. Shankly. Mr. Paisley (He came from my Neck of the Woods) built on to the Success to make Liverpool even Stronger. I was on Holiday when we won the European Cup for the First Time in 1977 & the Pride I showed that Evening when saying I was a Fan of the New European Cup Winners was Immense & the Signing a Few Months later of Kenny Dalglish also showed the Board had made the Correct Decision in appointing Mr. Paisley as Liverpool Manager to follow Mr. Shankly in 1974 & Become a Legend as a Liverpool Manager. THANKYOU MR. PAISLEY - Y.N.W.A.

Gav Cuthbertson

The team of 1979-80 is quite simply the best team British football has ever seen. It was all down to this unassuming man on whom the mantle of "legend" would have sat uneasily. Great memories of watching football how it should have been played and unfortunately which we wont see again in England.

Neil Elson

Im a Villa fan who was present at Anfield for the last home game of Bob Paisley against us. I still consider this to be one of the biggest privileges that Ive had in 40 years of watching football. It was my chance to pay rightful hommage to a man who took over the impossible job and made it possible. His achievements as a manager are adequately shown in his trophy haul, but what separates the man from the likes of some of the modern contenders is that he had no need for huge transfer budgets. Players seemed to be eased out just after their peak for good money and their replacements, already acquired and groomed so that the seamless transition into that well oiled machine was inevitable. I still consider beating Liverpool to the title in 1981 as better than 12 months later in Rotterdam because to beat Liverpool (albeit in a year where they "only" finished 4th and won the League and European Cups!) was the most telling thing. Bob Paisley - over the years you made me a very jealous man, but your achievements are the stuff of legend. I salute you.


Although I do not support Liverpool, Bob Paisley was my favourite manager. I remember a T.V interview after theyd just won the double: So Bob, What do want to win next season, "How do you mean?" Well, do you want to win the FA cup? " No!" The league? "No!" What then? .... "The next game!" Brilliant.

Mike Harradine

If liverpool get a new stadium thay should build a statue of Bob paisley and Bill shankley out sid the entrance to the kop.


He was the most successful manager in lfc history.he MUST have statue or stand named after him. Someone needs to suggest or write something to lfc to erect one- holding a European cup!

Lfc forever

Having partly studied the history of the involvement of Messrs Shankly and Paisley with Liverpool Football Club, I have to confess that theirs was a dream team that has put Liverpool FC where this great football club is today. Mr. Shankly laying the foundations and building the club, and Mr. Paisley with his outstanding knowledge of football, taking this great football club on to much greater achievements achievements that has not been matched or evened by any other manager since. Gentlemen, thank you for everything, and lets hope that the present Manager can emulate your feats. I hope your great spirits are around to lift this great football club (Liverpool) back to the greatest height where it belongs. YNWA.

Yinka Oyesanya

I am not a Liverpool fan (I am from Sunderland, near Bobs birthplace) but amidst all the hype over the last week on Fergusons retirement, the fact is that Bobs record as a manager is unsurpassed in terms of trophies per season - nineteen in nine. To match that strike rate, Ferguson would have to have won over fifty trophies, and didnt. Bob remains the only coach to have won three European Cups, and they were in the sudden death era - none of this "group stages" nonsense. Kevin Keegan once described Bob as the only person he ever knew without an ego, and by all accounts he was a lovely, warm and modest man, despite his massive success. Ferguson and Busby were knighted - why was Bob not? Genius is a much over-used word, but never in Bobs case. The man, quite simply, is a legend and will remain so as long as football is played in this country.

Lawrie Potter

The best manager England never had forget this slough nonsense.

alan mac

I grew up through the paisley years and adored him and the teams he built, to me he was a god, the greatest manager ever, period! its not the trophies, although that helped. but the way he did what he did, he took virtually unknowns and turned them into legends, he never relied on the chequebook, although the one time he splashed out he ended up with one of the games greatest all time players in king Kenny, he never whined or slagged off refs, never was anything but a complete professional on and off the field, all round the man was beyond amazing! sir bob will never ever walk alone!

darren white

Sir Bob quote

"There was only one Bob Paisley and he was the greatest of them all. He went through the card in football. He played for Liverpool, he treated the players, he coached them, he managed them and then he became a director. He could tell if someone was injured and what the problem was just by watching them walk a few paces. He was never boastful but had great football knowledge. I owe Bob more than I owe anybody else in the game. There will never be another like him."

King Kenny on Uncle Bob

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